Germany DLP - 1990?
THE BEATLES SPECIAL COLLECTION - DLP 2-778 incl. STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES - Boardwalk-Bellaphon 260.16.015 Stereo
Private Property (Paul McCartney)(2:44)
Wrack My Brain (George Harrison)(2:20)
Drumming Is My Madness (Harry Nilsson)(3:30)
Attention (Paul McCartney)(3:18)
Stop and Take the Time to Smell the Roses (Richard Starkey/Harry Nilsson)(3:13)
Dead Giveaway (Richard Starkey/Ron Wood)(4:33)
You Belong To Me (Pee Wee King/Redd Stewart/Chilton Price)(2:11)
Sure To Fall (in love with you) (C. Perkins/Quinton Claunch/William Cantrell)(3:41)
Nice Way (Stephen Stills/Michael Stergis)(3:34)
Back Off Boogaloo (Richard Starkey)(3:16)
Produced by Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson, Rond Wood, Ringo Starr, Stephen Stills
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2.LP ist The Beatles 1961 - All Round Trading AR 30003
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