USA - CD Deluxe-Edition mit Bonus DVD - 03.04.2009
LIVE AT SOUNDSTAGE - Koch Records - KOC-CD-4701
Recorded at the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, 24. Juni 2005
Gesendet PBS-TV-Network am 25. August 2005
01. Medley: With a Little Help From My Friends/It Don't Come easy (3:59)
02. Octopus's Garden (3:09)
03. Choose Love (3:30)
04. I Wanna Be Your man (3:20)
05. Don't Pass Me by (3:45)
06. I'm the Greatest (3:05)
07. Memphis On Your Mind (3:18)
08. Photograph (3:53)
09. Never Without You (4:37)
10. Back Off Bugaloo (Boogaloo) (3:57)
11. Boys (3:01)
12. Yellow Submarine (3:57)
13. Act Naturally (2:48)
14. With a Little Help From My Friends (4:42)

01. Meet the Roundheads (Dokumentation)
02. Choose Love (rehersal)
03. It Don't Come Easy (live)
04. (I´m) The Greatest (live)
05. Don't Pass Me By (live)
Gesamtspielzeit 29 Min.

Ringo Starr: Drums, percussion, vocals
Mark Hudson: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, background vocals
Steve Dudas: Electric guitar
Gary Burr: Electric guitar, mandolin, background vocals
Mark Hart: Keyboards, background vocals
Gregg Bissonette: Drums, background vocals
Matt Bissonette: Bass, background vocals

Die Deluxe-Edition beinhaltet die bereits in 2007 veröffentlichte CD, ergänzt um ein kurze DVD mit rd. 29 Minuten Laufzeit. Gezeigt werden eine Doku der Roundheads, Proben und Liveaufnahmen. Es ist nicht, wie man annehmen könnte, das gesamte Konzert enthalten! Das Konzert oder zumindest der größte Teil davon wird erst in 2009 auf DVD veröffentlicht.

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Pressetext Koch Records:
New York, NY (ots/18.09.2007) – KOCH Records is pleased to announce the release of Ringo Live at Soundstage, a live album by Ringo Starr.
Filmed and recorded at the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, this outstanding performance was captured on August 25, 2005, when Ringo Starr taped a show for the celebrated PBS concert series “Soundstage”.
Ringo Live at Soundstage features a wonderful sampling of Ringo’s greatest songs, both as a solo artist and as a Beatle, including: “Octopus’ Garden”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Photograph,” “Never Without You” and his recent title “Choose Love” which has become a favorite of both audiences and the drummer since its release in 2005. Ringo has often said how much joy he finds in simply being a part of a band, playing with great musicians. Ringo Live at Soundstage is a chance to experience and share that exuberance and excellence.
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