USA - CD 23.10.2007
LIVE AT SOUNDSTAGE - Koch Records - KOC-CD-4226
Recorded at the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, 24. Juni 2005
Gesendet PBS-TV-Network am 25. August 2005
01. Medley: With a Little Help From My Friends/It Don't Come easy (3:59)
02. Octopus's Garden (3:09)
03. Choose Love (3:30)
04. I Wanna Be Your man (3:20)
05. Don't Pass Me by (3:45)
06. I'm the Greatest (3:05)
07. Memphis On Your Mind (3:18)
08. Photograph (3:53)
09. Never Without You (4:37)
10. Back Off Bugaloo (Boogaloo) (3:57)
11. Boys (3:01)
12. Yellow Submarine (3:57)
13. Act Naturally (2:48)
14. With a Little Help From My Friends (4:42)
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Pressetext Koch Records:
New York, NY (ots/18.09.2007) – KOCH Records is pleased to announce the release of Ringo Live at Soundstage, a live album by Ringo Starr.
Filmed and recorded at the Genessee Theatre in Waukegan, Illinois, this outstanding performance was captured on August 25, 2005, when Ringo Starr taped a show for the celebrated PBS concert series “Soundstage”.
Ringo Live at Soundstage features a wonderful sampling of Ringo’s greatest songs, both as a solo artist and as a Beatle, including: “Octopus’ Garden”, “Yellow Submarine”, “Photograph,” “Never Without You” and his recent title “Choose Love” which has become a favorite of both audiences and the drummer since its release in 2005. Ringo has often said how much joy he finds in simply being a part of a band, playing with great musicians. Ringo Live at Soundstage is a chance to experience and share that exuberance and excellence.
Soundstage originally aired from 1974-1985 as an hour long concert series, showcasing the most acclaimed musicians performing on a small stage. It re-aired in 2003 with its newest season scheduled to be released in January of 2008. The show is meant to give the home viewer the sense of being at a live performance, and has featured a variety of acclaimed artists such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, and now, Ringo Starr. This stellar performance is a rare treat for music lovers everywhere and is not to be missed when it hits the shelves this October.
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